How Can Google’s Self-Driving Car Be a Futuristic Breakthrough?

How Can Google’s Self-Driving Car Be a Futuristic Breakthrough?

Back in 2009, Google’s big head, Alphabet Inc, launched an autonomous self-driving car project under its subsidiary Waymo LLC. It was 2016 when their prototype hit the streets for public exhibition and trials of their first self-driving car.

Waymo declared to hit the roads in 2017 but couldn’t to date due to constant experiments to upgrade and the successive pandemic. As the prototype is under ongoing modifications, we can always expect more from these futuristic Google cars. Explore ahead what can be the splendid advantages once this new launch shoots its sale!

Self-Driving Car

No more fatal accidents on the roads

These intelligent cars are entirely laden with IoT sensors and advanced programming to make quick decisions and navigate to support real-time driving. The exterior car’s body is fit with numerous sensors to track distance and obstacles in the path.

Google car uses LIDAR, RADARs, ultrasonic sensors, and surveillance cameras all around its body to extract a 360-degree vision of all the obstacles and vehicles while driving. There are no steering wheels, brakes, and pedals for the drivers, handing over the entire engine’s controls to the smart sensing system. Completely eradicating the need for drivers can be a suitable approach to reduce the chances of accidents and human errors.

Safety improvised for the vehicle and the owner 

Along with a sturdy metallic body and compact design, the car promises great safety to the drivers and the automobile itself. With a reduced risk of accidents and no particular requirement of the drivers, they even reduce the need to learn perfect driving. It can also save the automobile maintenance and accident damage repairs as they will be practically none.

Smart systems aim to connect to the satellite tracking system, use Google maps to pick out the safest routes, and links to the mobile communication to report its safety every time. You can even track if someone is meddling with your car in your absence, as the sensors will alert you immediately.

Flaw detection and maintenance will become easy

Since the engine and the body are designed with electric components and operate on programming, it will be quite easy to detect any flaws and repairs. The program is designed to air alerts and notifications through mobile communication or alert signals in the car indicating the attention required. The engine will be attached with tracking chips to record temperature, heat generated, or any electric shorts and warn the passengers immediately.

Self-Driving Car

Electric vehicles will be the new climate saviors

The new-gen autonomous cars are completely electrical and aim to use battery power instead of gas and liquid fuel. It is a great initiative to replace the dwindling fossil fuels along with saving the climate. The e-resources can promisingly reduce air pollution, noise pollution, and the emission of effluents, improving the living conditions for humans.

Autonomous cars are no longer a theoretical project as it has become one of the biggest competitions among the top automobile manufacturers. Along with Google’s Waymo, Elon Musk’s Tesla, Sony, Ford, and Nissan are also racing to implement and improvise the discussed features. One of the cheapest offers for a bright future, Google’s self-driving car is now under eager anticipation for sale and usage.

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