Impact Of Driverless Vehicles On The Working Class

Impact Of Driverless Vehicles On The Working Class

The future of having driverless cars may be closer than most of us think. Gradually, various technologies are already being added to the current vehicles manufactured today to help with the automation of vehicles. One day in the future we will be able to see driverless vehicles. But what does this mean to the working class? What could be the impact of this technology on them?

Loss Of Driver-Related Jobs

The most immediate impact of driverless vehicles on the working class would be a tremendous loss of jobs. Taxi and truck drivers, along with other transportation professionals will likely face large-scale job losses due to the automation of cars on the road. It is estimated that 6 million jobs in the USA are related to driving, thus the need for drivers will be significantly reduced when driverless cars become the norm.

Impact On Transportation Cost

Driverless vehicles may also have an impact on transportation costs, as it is predicted that they will be more efficient than human drivers due to their ability to read and react to traffic conditions in real-time. This could lead to lower fuel costs and fewer emissions, which would benefit both the environment and consumers.

Impact On Safety

The greatest benefit of driverless cars may be improved safety on the roads. Automated cars will be able to react more quickly to potential hazards, preventing accidents that may have occurred due to human error or distraction. This could help reduce road fatalities and make our roads safer for everyone.

Overall, the impact of driverless vehicles on the working class is uncertain at this point in time. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages associated with this technology, and it is important for us to consider them carefully before embracing it wholeheartedly. Only then can we ensure that the transition from traditional transportation to automated transportation is a smooth one that benefits all stakeholders involved.

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