Is Chevy Bolt 2022 Missing a Crucial Component?

Is Chevy Bolt 2022 Missing a Crucial Component?

It has been a long time since we have seen a new electric car come out on the market. The Chevy Bolt is GM’s answer to Tesla and they want you to think it will be better than anything that Tesla can offer. So what’s all this about not including change lane assist tech?

It seems that there are some components missing from the Chevy Bolt, or at least if they were included in this particular model, they wouldn’t work as intended because of how the computer system was designed.

We won’t know for sure until we see one in person and test drive it ourselves but it sounds like something worth keeping an eye on.

What do you think? Will GM release another EV with more features or is this just something they are doing simply to cut costs?

What Is The Chevy Bolt Missing?

GM just announced that the Chevy Bolt EV and the EUV Super Cruise won’t have change lane assist tech. This tech is usually found in other vehicles, but for this particular model, it will not be included.

The Chevy Bolt will be the first electric car with a price tag of around $30,000 when it is released next year.  Its driving range will be 238 miles on a full charge. This would be enough to make most competitors worry, if not for one hold back: It seems that Chevy has missed out on an important piece of future tech.

The Chevy Bolt won’t have the change lane assist that is usually seen in similar models. This would be a nice addition to the model, as it would give confidence to those who drive the vehicle. The change lane assist will make sure that the car doesn’t veer unintentionally out of its own lane and into another one.

The Possible Reason Why The Chevy Bolt Doesn’t Include This Feature

GM has yet to announce their decision on why they chose not to include this change lane assist on the Chevy Bolt. The company has recently said that this is because they want the focus of the model to be on its increased range and increased cost-effectiveness.

GM’s focus for the Chevy Bolt was getting to market quickly with a vehicle that meets the expectations of mainstream car buyers. Adding ‘change lane’ features would be adding cost to what is already considered an affordable option.

This does make sense because the Chevy Bolt offers both increased range and cost-effectiveness compared to similar models. If GM would have included the change lane feature, they would likely increase the price tag by an estimate of $1000. The vehicle currently costs around $30,000 before tax credits are applied; adding this technology could push the price up to $40,000 without even including additional tech in the vehicle.

Although GM has a point in saying that adding this tech would likely increase the price tag of the vehicle significantly, it is still unknown why the company hasn’t included this new feature.

It is likely that GM will release an upgrade to the Chevy Bolt in a year or two, which will likely include change lane assist technology.

Impact Of The Chevy Bolt 2022 On Tesla And Other Car Manufacturers

Tesla and other car manufacturers will be paying close attention to the Chevy Bolt because it is the first electric car with a price tag of around $30,000. This means that they are competing with GM for this type of buyer. Other brands may be eyeing what GM has done to see if they can make something similar of their own.

Because the Chevy Bolt has no change lane assist tech, it will be up to Tesla or any other competitor to create a model that offers this technology. This could present another advantage for Tesla considering the company’s recent update of Autopilot 2.0.

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